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Que arte linda :3 

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You are working a very cool concept here! Can't help but wonder if it was somewhat inspired by HAL.

Look, we are a small team of translators trying to get our foot in the door regarding game localizations. We'd love to work with you to bring this game home to portuguese-speaking audiences! And have some fun along the way too :P

If you are interested there's more info about us in our profile, check it out. Keep the good games coming!

jacksepticeye vibe anyone??


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I liked your game, especially the concept of making decisions with certain positives and negatives, but there's definitely some room for improvements as well if you decide to work on this at all after the GameJam. Mainly, the English could be substantially improved, and there are some oddities such as the battery draining while waiting to make a decision (or perhaps that's intentional)?

The draining energy is definetly intentional, the people and the travel demands energy, even if you don't take any decisions.

And about the english grammar and spelling, we're from Brazil so English isn't our native language, we're looking into it to fix as soon as possible, since it doesn't alter any mechanics and anything "critical" in the game, it seems like a fair fix. 

Thanks for the feedback and we're happy that you liked the game!

Thank you Phyro, very cool.