Let Them Farm is a fantasy farm simulator, exagerated at a high level.

You manage a small kingdom, starting with some villagers and farms, until you build some barracks to change unoccupied villagers into knight, and defend the realm agains the evil pillagers.

The difficulty increases overtime, with more pillagers and more demanding knights.

It's a prototype of an old idea of mine. It's not balanced but it's fun to mess around!

Made just by myself, from art to programming, in the GMTK Jam 2020 period. BGM and SFX by roalty free online assets.

Special Thanks for

Juhani Junkala, for Essencial Retro SFX Pack.

YoutTube Channel carlitoshacker, for the awesome free BGM.


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Really cute game, I deffo felt the out of control vibe at the end, love the idea!

Thanks! Loved to know  about the ending vibe lol just as intended.